Facebook is changing all the time.

Facebook Marketing is 2017’s new shinny red car.  The Marketing (Agency) industry is really booming in the year of 2017.  There has been a great success for lots of individuals and agencies, that they make it look like an ape can make a living.  Granted, maybe the the apes from Planet of the Apes would be successful….Those are some smart apes, just saying.

Little do common users, and inexperience marketers know though, is that Facebook is constantly making changes, and mixing up ways to get your ads seen.  There has been roughly 13 updates so far in just the year of 2017.  Some of those changes has made it very difficult for marketing on Facebook to be done.

The days of boosting a post, and making a ridiculous ROI is looking to be behind us.  Now, you might hear of some lucky person saying ” I make a killing on just boosting post alone.”  It is safe to say though, that person is an outlier. There was also the temporary ban of marketing to people by job title.  No more targeting Lawyers, Doctors, and Relators.  Facebook made it so it took strategy, and understanding of your target market.

If you find yourself being lost with your Facebook Ads, or want to grow your business.  Feel free to email me larry@keeninternetmarketing.com

Larry Standfield



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