Facebook Pixel Optimize For Conversions

Do you have a Pixel? No not the Google phone, but the little piece of code that Facebook

generates for you. It can be a little bit intimidating if you never used, or possibly heard about it.

A name that you might be a little bit more familiar with though is a Cookie. A cookie is basically

Googles version of a Pixel.

If you aren’t computer coder, you are probably just as confused as I was. Looks like alien’s

communication for instance. All that crazy information you see though, you don’t have to make

it, thank goodness! Facebook makes it very simple to generate, and install actually. FEEL FREE


So quick breakdown on main reasons why you want/need a Pixel

1. Track Conversions

2. Optimize for Conversions

3. Build Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences

1. Track Conversions- Why are you as business owner concerned about tracking Conversions.

Well this method tells you what is working with your campaign, and what isn’t. Gives you as

a business owner a better understanding on what your ad spent budget is going towards. It

will give you in depth information on how much is being spent on per click (PPC), per lead,

and conversions. If you are doing split testing like any good marketer should! This is how

you are going to save yourself some money, which is going to lead in Optimizing for


2. Optimize for Conversions- So Facebook is way smarter than what we give it credit for.

Facebook Optimizes your ad campaigns by itself. They have billions of users’ information,

and that includes what they like to do, and interested in what they are attempting to

purchase. So, with that information Facebook tries to put your ad in front of the people

that are looking for your product or services. Adding Facebook’s assistance and combining

the Split testing method, you are able to increase your conversions for your business, at the

best price possible.

3. Build Retargeting Audience– So this is going to track who visited the website, and who

performed certain actions in order to retarget, or create exclusions and lookalike audiences.

Say for instance someone visited your page, but they didn’t buy anything the first time.

Well, in the retargeting case, you would be able to market to them again to help close deal

on whatever the reason they visited your site in the first place.

So, I hope this article gave you a better understanding what a Pixel is, and some of the benefits

on why you should be using it. For more information please visit


Larry Standfield

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