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Search Engine Optimization

At Keen INTERNET MARKETING, we understand that SEO can a very long and drawn out process. That is why we have a selected, team that will help get the job done, Keen, cool and correct. we’ll review your site publicly on the KEEN INTERNET MARKETING blog and YouTube account. While helpful the micro-SEO audit does not replace a comprehensive, personalized SEO audit, so read on for details on how to contract KEEN INTERNET MARKETING to take your site to the next level. SEO audits ensure that you build a solid foundation for future online marketing efforts, maximize your return on investment and improve your natural search rankings. An SEO audit can be done after a redesign, in preparation of a new Web site, as a general Web site health check-up or as a very specific solution to a problem with the search engines. Every SEO audit KEEN INTERNET MARKETING writes is customized to fit your needs, resources and timeline. Depending on your situation, our SEO audits can include each of following if it affects your Web site’s performance: 



Upon completion of the SEO audit, KEEN INTERNET MARKETING will schedule a call with your team to review our recommendations and make sure there aren’t any questions or concerns. From there we like to implement an action plan to help keep our customers accountable. We  arrange goals that can be obtain in a timely manner, to make sure that you as the customer are successful. If you’re interested in learning more about our SEO audits, contact us today to discover how our SEO consulting services can help your site increase and better convert organic traffic. For a chance to be selected for our random client audit.

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