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Social Media Marketing


To go along with content marketing strategy, there is the social media marketing. Some might

just view that as share a few posts here and there, and call that the day. At Keen Internet

Marketing, we pride ourselves to have a sharp, precise plan in place. Social media marketing

consists of many different components.

 Facebook Ads

 Instagram Ads

 Pixel

 Google Ads

 Bing Ads

 Analytics

 Split Testing

If you don’t already have social media platforms already in place, at Keen Internet Marketing

we will help you get setup on all the platforms that will best benefit you. To name a few of the

different social media platforms out there, there is:

 Facebook

 Instagram

 Google +

 LinkedIn

 Snapchat

 Pinterest

 YouTube

 And I am sure there will be more to come

Granted it is important to have a presence on your social media page, but mainly your page is

there to engage with your customers, and future customers. We design a schedule to help

keep you on track, and make sure your post doesn’t slip through the cracks. We follow a

unique pattern of engagement post, and offer post to help educate your customers, and land

your business sales.

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