Why would a business want to invest in internet marketing?

Facebook is changing all the time.

Facebook Marketing is 2017's new shinny red car.  The Marketing (Agency) industry is really booming in the year of 2017.  There has been a great success for [...]

First lets clarify what internet marketing is, and what it consist of.

 Social Media marketing

o Facebook

o Twitter

o LinkedIn

o Pinterest

o Instagram

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   

o Keywords

o Backlinks

o Web Design

o Blogs

o Vlogs


Now I know if you aren’t familiar with all these terms it can be somewhat overwhelming to grasp all of this. To be honest I have a master’s in Internet Marketing and it makes my head blow sometimes! We can go days on about the education of internet marketing, but this is about the benefit about it can do for your business. So, let me use my city for example to paint the picture. I live in a lovely town called Idaho Falls in Idaho. I feel the jealously fuming from everyone, because you are wishing you are here. (Complete sarcasm). Ok, OK getting off topic, but Idaho Falls is roughly 50 thousand people or so. Not your typical big city life places such as Chicago, Seattle, and majority of all California cities. 

So a local business in Idaho Falls can have a MAXIMUM of 50 thousand customers, maybe a little more if you count the surrounding area. Granted 50 plus thousand customers would be awesome right, but let’s be real not even Wal-Mart has complete control of the market share. The business world is tough, and very cut throat. That is why you as a business owner need to expand your reach to as many people as possible. To keep this somewhat short and sweet we will just talk about Facebook. As of the beginning of May, Facebook was sitting at 1.9 Billion users. So lets just say you as a business can only get .1% of the people on Facebook to be interested in your service/product. Just so you understand, that isn’t even 1%, a VERY VERY SMALL FRACTION.  That would 19,000 people to save you the math. Let’s jump back to early of blog, but 19000/50000= 38%. Which is a huge market share of the local market might I add. There are agencies/marketers that are getting click rates 2-4%. Then the conversion trickles down from there, from the landing page, and actually closing the deal. The nice thing about the internet is once they go through your funnel, they become your customer at that point, and that means $$$$$. With some VERY conservative numbers here, you could potential be 1330 customers richer! Now I don’t know how much 1 customer is worth to you, but whatever that number is times that by 1330…….. and what you meant to say is…. THANK YOU!!

And your welcome by the way. So, if you want to get some information about different strategies, click here!

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